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George Antheil –
1st June 2017, Capriccio Music Label

press review
Simon Höfele, trumpet –
1st award winner of the Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy University Competition 2015
3rd June 2016, Betont
Opus 1 –
Award winner “Deutscher Musikwettbewerb 2014”
3rd July 2015, GENUIN – Primavera

press review

press review


“Frank Dupree’s finely chiselled performance maintains a tighter grip overall than any of his rivals.”

Andrew Farach-Colton
Piano News

„Frank Dupree shows himself to be an accomplished pianist, surpassing the versatile requirements of this concerto (Antheil Piano Concerto No. 1) and proving that he truly is one of Germany’s emerging pianists.”

Carsten Dürer, May 2017
SWR2 Treffpunkt Klassik

"Frank Dupree: Jazz-refined, powerful, brilliant pianist.”

Lotte Thaler, 7th July 2017
The New Listener 

As the soloist in A Jazz Symphony and in the Piano Concerto, young pianist Frank Dupree shows that he is both delicate in touch and subtle in sound perception. He grasps the full extent of his role within the orchestra, holding back when necessary or entering into interplay in equal measure. Through his expression, the music becomes more individual, particularly in the softer passages. Frank realises the clear contrast between the hard non-legato passages and the more tender ones. "

Oliver Fraenzke, August 2017

press review

WDR 3 TonArt

„The young pianist proves to have a discerning mind, with a keen sense of different musical styles.”

„A musician who knows the blueprints of his pieces by heart and advances with a clear mind.“

Nicolas Tribes, 3rd August 2015
SWR2 Treffpunkt Klassik

„One can only congratulate Dupree on his program because it betrays an unconventional and independent personality.”

„A very personal interpretation“


Lotte Thaler, 2nd September 2015
Südwest Presse

„A new star pianist“

"The elegant debut of a great pianist!“

„Deep-reaching and weightless playing“

Burkhard Schäfer, 18 July 2015
Rhein Main Magazin

„Fantastic pianist“

Magazin 8/2015

„We hear in conjunction with excellent craftsmanship: straightforward playing, deft handling of heterogeneous literature, delicate tone, and grasp for the great interrelations of complex facture.“

„Extraordinary maturity, technical perfection, a repertoire of significant diversity and refined interpretation.“

Martin Hoffmeisters. Magazin No. 88
American Record Guide

“The three Berio works (…) are perfectly served by Dupree’s white-hot technique. The Berg has more passion and verve than many performances (…). And the Eötvös, a memorial for Berio, is atmospheric and haunting, revealing the great tonal variety of Dupree’s playing – Lovely sound."

Haskins, May/June 2016